SeaPort-e: Quality Assurance

JRAD is committed to ensuring that all teammates will hold their work to the same high standard of quality that we do. JRAD will ensure all subcontractors comply with our high quality assurance through regularly scheduled meetings with our teammates to address quality issues on awarded task orders. Where we integrate our teammates on a Task Order, we will ensure that they are fully trained in our quality processes and procedures.

Our workforce and product quality are monitored and reported through weekly activity reports, regular management visits to each of our customers and spontaneous reviews. We have a number of other management tools that indirectly support this, including monthly contract reports for current work, annual employee evaluations, and a bonus/awards program for exceptional job performance.

JRAD has an open door policy both to our personnel and to our customers. Focusing on relationships with both groups ensures that both positive and negative feedback (if necessary) are quickly received and corrections can be made prior to additional issues arising. We encourage our government customers, through visits, emails and telephone calls from JRAD management, to discuss both accolades and issues at any time. By routinely practicing this policy, we believe we provide the government customer with a unique, fully-focused relationship that will ensure their program’s success.